What our riders are saying about Bike the GAP

Bike the GAP riders are great about letting us know what they thought of the trail, of the B&Bs, and our services. We hope these reviews will help others in their trip planning process. You can find even more reviews at our TripAdvisor page.

How was your trip with Bike the GAP?

Our 4 day trip started in Pittsburgh and ended in Cumberland, MD. The planning provided by Bike-the-Gap, the maps, the lodging, the support during our trip were simply, in every respect, the BEST!! We would recommend that this is the outfitter to use if you are planning on biking the GAP and/or C&O Towpath. Everyone else must be chasing 2nd place in our opinion. We had a blast from start to finish. The Customer Support during the trip mirrored what we received prior to the trip. A truly great experience.


My family of 5 just completed the GAP and C&O trails. Working with Sara at Bike the Gap made the experience the best trip of our lives. We are fairly independent and typically wouldn’t have worked with a guide company. Bike the Gap was a perfect blend of independence and expert help that ensured we stayed at the right spots and had the experiences we were looking for. All 5 of us are grateful we worked with Sara. I HIGHLY recommend working with Bike the Gap if you plan to ride the GAP or C&O trails.

 Better than Excellent!

I’ve been wanting to bike the GAP and the C&O Towpath for a couple years. But every time I looked into it, the tours either had to be done in large groups, or involved camping, or were super spendy or had excessively long mileages each day. Then this spring I found Bike-the-Gap that offered customized tours.

Once I decided to go ahead, booking it was basically a matter of saying “yes” and then once I got the PayPal invoices, paying them. I didn’t have to do anything else! They even booked my rental bike, a couple lunches, my pre-trip hotel. Prior to the tour at appropriate intervals, I received written material including mile by mile guides of the trails. Then waiting for me at my pre-trip hotel was a day-by-day itinerary with more helpful hints that you could possibly imagine.

The service I received [from BTG] was truly phenomenal – and the lodgings they arranged met similar standards. I did not have one bad experience (other than weather) on this trip. I highly recommend Bike-the-Gap for a personalized experience on the GAP and C&O.

Sara arranged for a trip for us to bike from Pittsburgh to Washington DC. Ms Petyk, from Bike The GAP, was our cycle trip “caddie”, anticipating all of our needs in advance. She probably saved us over 50 hours of computer screen time with better results than we could have gotten on our own. Perfectly fitted bikes, side trips to see architectural, historic and scenic wonders, sublime accommodations and the best recommendations for food and beverages. All of this and guess what? We never had to touch our luggage! Every secret tip was unveiled just enough ahead of time for us to experience each special view and incredible marvel imaginable.

I can’t think of a more enjoyable, fun and relaxed trip of any kind. We’ve ridden over 60 Rail Trails and spent time on dozens of adventures around the globe and the trip Sara at Bike The GAP planned for us has crept into our top ten of all time. What a great experience. Thanks.

C&O at Hancock

Wildlife Discovery
We got home last evening after spending a couple of extra days in Pittsburgh after completing the GAP. Speaking for my family, I can confidently state that we all had a wonderful experience.

The GAP trail itself was well maintained, easy to ride and clearly marked. It passed through a diverse range of scenery – forest, so many waterfalls we lost count, rivers, bridges, towns, historical spots and industrial ruins. We also spotted the following wildlife — bear, deer, rabbits, tons of cardinals, osprey, snapping turtle, Baltimore oriole, goldfinches, wild turkeys and groundhogs. Fellow cyclists were friendly and we quickly developed a sense of camaraderie with them.

The itinerary you provided worked out very well. We needed to keep up a decent pace to arrive at our day’s destination, but we were not exhausting ourselves in the process. Our 11 year old son kept up – no problem.

Thank you for your assistance in making this trip a reality. If we ever do this trip again (we were thinking that it is probably beautiful in the fall!), we will most certainly use Bike the GAP again.

My sister and I just completed the GAP / C&O Canal Towpath from Pittsburgh to DC. It was definitely worth it and was made even better by the totally hassle-free booking of the trip through Sara at Bike-the-GAP. All we really had to worry about was getting on our bikes and riding! Great hotels/B&B’s along the way and excellent dining recommendations. If you are going to do this ride (and I strongly recommend that you do) do yourself a favor and book the trip through Bike-the-GAP!

One Big Problem
“There was one VERY BIG PROBLEM with our trip – it will be hard to surpass…. We had an excellent time. Communications were great, accommodations were great, food was great, trails were fantastic (much nicer condition that some sections of KATY and PRARIE SPIRIT trails we recently rode). Having met and shared our itinerary with a friend who was a support person for the Pennsylvania Sojourn ride which was the same week, he noted we had the best lodging and food recommendations at our various stops.”

“Was the trip paced to your satisfaction?”

“[BTG] did a fantastic job. The recommended mileage each day was within our abilities (two 59 year-old avid cyclists) and the accommodations were fantastic. All of the B&B’s exceeded our expectations.”

“Yes, in reality we should have gone with the 7-day trip. The six day version didn’t leave us enough time to do the “stop and smell the roses” that we wanted to do. The 74 mile day was tough on Susan, but we made it with no issues. I would recommend that you steer riders to the 7-day trip over the six-day trip if they have the time.”

“I was surprised at the second day of only 28 miles but it turned out to be perfect since we had lunch in Ohiopyle and a tour of Fallingwater. I can’t imagine anybody missing that opportunity.”

“Day 2 (40+ miles) was a bit long for us…I was more comfortable hitting a 25-30 mile trip….my lesson learned for next time!”

“Did you feel safe on the trail and comfortable in the event of any mechanical or other emergencies?”

“There were bike shops along the way but I didn’t need them. Two members of our group did get minor adjustments. The C&O Canal trail was rough and generally muddy but I expected that. The GAP trail was more comfortable. But I wanted the canal experience and got it. No complaints.”

“Yes, I felt safe on the trail…and, as was tested, our emergency of getting another bike was successful.”

“Were the trip materials and maps/directions provided by Bike the GAP helpful?”

“Yes, we had no problem finding any of the items of interest or destinations along the route. We did find our odometers indicated the legs were 1-3 mile longer than predicted. The TrailBook was very detailed and I wish I had read it closer before we departed Connecticut.”

“We felt safe on the trail; we were never that far away from a small town or city. All the materials you provided were helpful and detailed.


“This trip exceeded all expectations!"

"All communications, daily itineraries, accommodations, shuttle arrangements, and meal recommendations were fabulous!!”
– Karen H.