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Bike the GAP: Your Trail Experts

Bike the GAP was created to offers cyclists like us – independent, adventurous, explorers – the opportunity to bike the best trails on their own terms, but with the expertise to ensure they’ll see the best parts of the trail, stay at the best accommodations, and enjoy all the hidden, little-known treasures along the way.

We strive every day to ensure our riders have an excellent time riding the trails and can enjoy the trip without worrying about the planning and details that go into it. You just have to get on your bike and ride!

With the growth in bike trail systems across the country over the past decade, there are now so many great places to ride. These trails and you – the cyclist – make a huge impact in these small communities. Thank you.

See you on the trails!



me_riding_summerSara Petyk, Owner
Bike the GAP is the result of my love of cycling and my years as a tourism professional. I truly enjoy sharing my love of biking through travel on the Great Allegheny Passage. The entire trail, from Pittsburgh to D.C., holds a spot in my heart (from my hometown of Pittsburgh, to the Civil War battlefield where I met my husband, to weekend camping spots with friends) and I hope it soon will hold a place in yours.



Kelley Stroup, Trip Coordinator
I am a lover of all things cycling and trail. My husband and I spend a good portion of most weekends on the local trails either riding or running. I’m particularly excited to work in a position where I can offer my cycling experience as a benefit to our customers.



“Planning [the trip] through Bike the GAP made it truly pleasurable.”
– Becky W.

“She provided the perfect support for a self-guided adventure!”
– Martha W.

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